Ample space is what enhances the quality and outlook of a home. Plus, it can cater to several needs, from the needs of a growing family to bringing a new touch to your lifestyle to providing you enough space for entertainment and enjoyment.

No need to feel Claustrophobic in your home when you can get the best addition services from the leading remodeling company – Alpha1 Enterprises Inc. we bring you the tangible solution with our addition services that add more rooms and space to your home as compared to completely shifting your home or renovating it. Some of the benefits of our Additions services include:

Create More Space

Adding a room or two can provide you with all the extra space needed to fulfill your specific needs. Do you need some space for your office at home? Do you wish you could have an at-home studio? Or is your family growing? With a home addition, you will be able to cater to your growing needs precisely.

Enhanced Resale Value

The buyers appreciate more square footage. Carefully planning the room additions will make your home look more enticing. Hence, the resale value of your property will increase if and when you are ready to sell your home.

Less Expenditure

Additions are less costly as compared to home remodeling or completely shifting to a new home for improved space. Opt for home additions if you wish to save up and yet make the most out of your home.

No Stress of Moving

Moving a full house comes with a lot of stress, as you have to manage first packing your home and then unpacking and rearranging the whole house once you have moved. Moving can be a stressful and tiring task; home additions can save you from it.

Hire expert help from Alpha1 Enterprises Inc. and let your home grow with you.