Drywall is a very common choice made by the homeowners to cover up the old and damaged walls in a reasonable way.

Drywall is heat resistant and durable, which makes it a popular choice.

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Here’s why you should choose drywalls:


Drywall is a cost-efficient option as compared to plaster walls and paneling. This affordability has made it a popular choice among homeowners.


Drywall brings beauty and elegance to your walls. Not only that, these walls can be painted multiple times, allowing you to keep changing the feel & look of your home so that you never get bored. If installed properly, it is among the best-looking materials that is also affordable and durable.

Improved Insulation

Drywalls also serve as amazing insulation as they tend to retain the temperature of your room. The improved insulation keeps the temperature of your room maintained while lowering your energy expenditure and cost.

Fire Resistant

Drywall is fire-resistant and slows the spread of fire down. This greatly helps in the containment of fire in case of an accident. The fire safety benefits it brings alone are worth their cost.

Easy to Repair and Install

Drywall is very simple to install, particularly when done by professionals.

The installation is super-easy and fast as it comes in huge sections. The repair of drywall is also easy as the whole section doesn’t need to be replaced if a part of it is damaged.

Alpha1 Enterprises Inc. is the ultimate drywall installer that can bring beauty to your walls while making your home look good as new.

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